Healthcare Simulation

Our department is strongly committed to leveraging simulation science and training to improve care.

We proudly conduct several robust ongoing simulation programs including inter-professional in situ mock codes, hands-on skills training sessions, and community outreach.

Simulation methodology is used across the educational spectrum in our department, and our faculty members include some of the major thought leaders and scholars in healthcare simulation. In addition to designing and investigating novel training paradigms, such as virtual reality, we also have programs of study to leverage simulation as a standardized laboratory to study new devices or processes of care (e.g., cardiopulmonary resuscitation). 

We closely partner with the Mary & Michael Jaharis Simulation Center, Helene Fuld Trust Simulation Center, and the Margaret Wood Center for Simulation and Education – with access to state of the art simulation facilities and resources.

Simulation Faculty

Mission: To improve emergency care through simulation training and discovery

Vision: To foster a culture of improvement and build a collaborative community that uses simulation science to tackle meaningful challenges in healthcare

Core Values:


  • We work together across boundaries to foster collaboration that is inclusive , engaging, and supports shared problem solving


  • We value creativity and innovation in identifying and closing gaps in training and clinical care


  • We start out with the end in mind, striving for meaningful and sustainable growth in simulation support of our departmental mission


  • The team that plays together stays together! We believe in fostering a playful and positive environment at work that will contribute to joy and meaning in what we do

Meet the Team