Wellness - EDWell

Picture of black and white photographs surrounding a colorful heart made up of hands

Wall art in the faculty wellness lounge 

EDWell is a committee that strives to improve the mental, emotional, and physical health of our Emergency Department providers by focusing on well-being holistically through operational, social, educational and research initiatives.  

The Wellness Committee includes attending physicians, physician assistants and resident members who are committed to promoting departmental initiatives that support providers’ well-being.  

We recognize that wellness is much more than stress relief and often requires changes to systems and environments. As such, our committee is comprised of 4 domains: Organizational, Research, Individual/Social, and Educational. Throughout the year, we focus on goals from each domain and promote well-being changes to improve our daily working lives.   

Initiatives include ongoing research regarding the impact of work environments, workplace violence and break studies, social gatherings and health and fitness challenges. Additionally, the committee has identified lactation space, and advocated for a provider lounge with computer access, lockers and kitchen.  Furthermore, we have numerous lectures and grand rounds to foster and enhance wellness dialogue. 

EDWell also partners with CopeColumbia, which provides counseling sessions, peer support groups, guided meditations, suggested reading, and other resources for managing stress, fear and anxiety.